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    Why I Prefer Vacation Rentals Over Hotels

    I have long been a fan of vacation rentals.  I do stay in hotels sometimes, but I find that staying in vacation rentals helps me better achieve that experiential vibe I want when I travel.  When staying in a rental, I’m often in a neighborhood setting rather than a commercial district. This helps me better experience the soul of each…

  • Melatonin and Pycnogenol can both help to reduce jet lag
    Travel Tips

    This is How I Reduce Jet Lag

    As a retired physician traveler, I have put a lot of researched effort into how to reduce my jet lag over the years. And recently I’ve found two great new tools that have made a big difference for me – Pycnogenol and the Timeshifter app. Here is the approach I personally use to reduce jet lag on those long haul…