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    Travel Tools Now and Then – Tripping Costa Rica in 2020 vs 1994

    Thanks to our modern travel tools, travel is so easy now.  While recently traveling on my 6th trip to Costa Rica, I found myself reminiscing back to my first trip to Costa Rica in 1994. It was my first true travel adventure. A trip outside the familiar box of Mexico resort towns. But twenty-six years ago, tripping was blind tripping.  All of the familiar travel tools that help our trips go…

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    My 3 Favorite Foreign TV Series

    In my post about Travel TV Shows, I talked about TV specifically dedicated to travel.  Another way to get our travel fix during this crazy time is by streaming a Foreign TV Series.  For me, foreign is anything outside the United States, and I am drawn to the plethora of foreign TV series available on Netflix.  I mentioned in my last post, that I love a travel TV show that…

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    My 3 Favorite Travel TV Shows

    Since it looks like it’s going to be awhile before we can travel again, we are going to need to find other ways to get our travel fix. How about some great travel TV? I have long been a lover of travel TV shows. For me, I travel so I can learn more about new places up close and personal. That’s why I use the term experiential travel a lot. …