• A view of Kotor Montenegro from one of it's upper walls
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    Getting From Kotor to Dubrovnik & Other Kotor Transportation Tips

    While Kotor Montenegro has rapidly become a top European travel destination in the last 10 years, it’s a small place, there aren’t big roads, and the only form of public transportation is bus. We recently spent 9 days in Kotor, and since we travel on a budget, we prioritize public transportation wherever we go. But, I found the bus system in and around Kotor very confusing, often chaotic, and usually…

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    Riding the Kotor Cable Car For Spectacular Views in Montenegro

    Within minutes after arriving in Montenegro, as we rode from the small Tivat airport to our Airbnb in Kotor, our airport transfer driver pointed to the long cables extending up a nearby mountain, and told us in his limited English – Beautiful View. I knew very little about Montenegro or the Bay of Kotor at that point, and wasn’t entirely sure about our upcoming itinerary. But I was fairly certain…