• Entrance to La Casita Del Cafe near Atenas
    Costa Rica,  Food

    My Favorite Costa Rican Foods

    Costa Rica is one of my favorite travel destinations. I love the climate, I love the authenticity, and I love the food. Costa Rican food doesn’t get much attention compared to some of the other world’s cuisines. It’s uncommon to see a Costa Rican restaurant outside Costa Rica. But eating in Costa Rica is always one of the highlights of my visits. Let me show you some of my favorite…

  • Red Iguana is a great restaurant in Salt Lake City

    Some Great Travel Meals

    Food is one of the top reasons I love travel.  There is nothing quite like discovering great food in a new place.  Experiential travel also means experiential eating – seeking out local restaurants and cuisine. I want to try the food that defines a place, and eat out amongst the locals.  I’ll spend a lot of time in my tripping process seeking out a great travel meal – scouring Tripadvisor,…