• Entrance to La Casita Del Cafe near Atenas
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    My Favorite Costa Rican Foods

    Costa Rica is one of my favorite travel destinations. I love the climate, I love the authenticity, and I love the food. Costa Rican food doesn’t get much attention compared to some of the other world’s cuisines. It’s uncommon to see a Costa Rican restaurant outside Costa Rica. But eating in Costa Rica is always one of the highlights of my visits. Let me show you some of my favorite…

  • Travel Photo of an old car on the streets of San Jose Costa Rica
    Costa Rica

    Travel Tools Now and Then – Tripping Costa Rica in 2020 vs 1994

    Thanks to our modern travel tools, travel is so easy now.  While recently traveling on my 6th trip to Costa Rica, I found myself reminiscing back to my first trip to Costa Rica in 1994. It was my first true travel adventure. A trip outside the familiar box of Mexico resort towns. But twenty-six years ago, tripping was blind tripping.  All of the familiar travel tools that help our trips go…

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    Atenas Costa Rica – A Thorough Guide to This Paradise

    Atenas is a small Costa Rican town located in the hills west of San Jose, and is my favorite place to stay when I visit Costa Rica.  I learned about Atenas Costa Rica 15 years ago when I read in a travel magazine that this small town has the World’s Best Climate.  Well, of course, that caught my attention! Who doesn’t want to hang out in the world’s best climate?…