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    Taking An Elaphiti Islands Boat Tour – An Ideal Dubrovnik Day Trip

    Our favorite activity while traveling in Dubrovnik Croatia recently was taking an Elaphiti Islands Boat Tour. The Elaphiti Islands are situated just north of Dubrovnik. Three of these scenic islands are populated and welcoming to visitors. The easiest way to check them out is via an organized Elaphiti Islands Boat Tour. We spent a fantastic day on a boat named Bobara, cruising through the Adriatic, and spending time on all…

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    11 Useful Dubrovnik Travel Tips for Europe’s Most Over-Touristed City

    Dubrovnik Croatia is one of the most popular travel destinations in all of Europe. In fact, it ranks as the most over-touristed city in Europe by a large margin, with 36 visitors for every 1 resident. This can certainly be blamed on Game of Thrones – the popular TV series that was filmed in Dubrovnik’s picturesque Old Town. And after spending a week in Dubrovnik, I can personally testify that…

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    Getting From Kotor to Dubrovnik & Other Kotor Transportation Tips

    While Kotor Montenegro has rapidly become a top European travel destination in the last 10 years, it’s a small place, there aren’t big roads, and the only form of public transportation is bus. We recently spent 9 days in Kotor, and since we travel on a budget, we prioritize public transportation wherever we go. But, I found the bus system in and around Kotor very confusing, often chaotic, and usually…

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    Riding the Kotor Cable Car For Spectacular Views in Montenegro

    Within minutes after arriving in Montenegro, as we rode from the small Tivat airport to our Airbnb in Kotor, our airport transfer driver pointed to the long cables extending up a nearby mountain, and told us in his limited English – Beautiful View. I knew very little about Montenegro or the Bay of Kotor at that point, and wasn’t entirely sure about our upcoming itinerary. But I was fairly certain…

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    Visiting Two Beautiful Istrian Towns – Motovun and Rovinj Croatia

    Rovinj and Motovun are two beautiful small towns in Croatia. They are found in the northwest part of Croatia in an area known as Istria. The Istrian peninsula is located just across the Aegean sea from Venice, and is often cited as a less expensive alternative to Italy’s Tuscany due to geographic similarities.  The Istrian area of Croatia features ancient Venetian seaside villages on its coast and an interior dotted…